Login with account and password (Get from local reseller)

After click 1, you will see account profile and menus on left side.

Devices statistic, deployment and license income and expense will be displayed in this page.

1. Fold/Unfold the left menu
2. Check message from dealer and system

3.Preference for user settings

4.General settings of notifications include alert method, duration time and necessary information.

5.Search bar provide user flexible checking device/user account details functions. Quickly locate, recharge or move the device to other account.

You can check accounts tree and device details in this page. There are also some practical functions,

Select target account,

2.Set up notification settings for target account

3. Send message to target accounts


Ex-factory date: Add device date
Online time: Device keeps uploading data to server for more than 2 hours, system will generate the service time.
Platform expire date: System service time based on online time + 1 year + 7 days as default.
User due: This date can be modified according to service operator, for example, 1 month or half year based on different business type

There are 4 Account types
Distributor – Distributor account could create sub-accounts like sub-distributor account, sub-end user account, sub-virtual account and etc. It can control expire date of devices under it.
Virtual account – Virtual account allow user copy devices from other accounts and can monitor and review in same way. But it can’t edit or control the devices.
End user – End user account will not enter into any business interface, but just monitor page. User can generate report, set up kinds of alert, geo-fence, remind and etc.
Monitor only – Monitor only account as its name, it can only monitor the device.

New card is used for add new device into system. It comes with 1 year service since the device is active in platform for 2 hours.
Level 1 distributor account can transfer new card to its sub-account, therefore, the direct sub-account under it will be able to add new device.
Level 1 distributor account is a special account which needs to reach a business term. For details, you can contact your dealer.

There are batch of small tools for your easier management and special service authorization for business. For more details, please check with your contact.